Shoppers on Black Friday ...

Shoppers on Black Friday the traditional start of the holiday shopping season in America are notoriously(臭名昭著的)__51__. Some even start queuing outside stores before dawn to be the first to lay their hands on heavily discounted goods. Despite the madness at many stores __52__ the global economic recession appears to have accelerated the pace at which shoppers are _53_   bricks and mortar(灰浆) in favor of online retailers---e-retailers
   E-commerce holds particular __54__ in poor times as it enables people to compare prices across retailers quickly and easily. Buyers can sometimes avoid local sales taxes online and shipping is often free. No wonder then
that online shopping continues to grow even as the offline sort __55__.

The __56__ in spending to the Internet is good news for companies like P&G that lack retail shops of their ownBut it is a big __57___ for physical retailers whose prices are often higher than those of e-retailers since they must __58___ the extra expense of running stores.

The most obvious response to the growth of e-retailing is for _59_ retailers to redouble their   own efforts online. The online arms of big retailers are performing well _60 _.

The concept of “multi-channel” shoppingwhere people can purchase the same items from the same retailer in several different ways online is gaining popularity and retailers are trying to     __61  users of one channel to try another.

Retailers are also trying to make online shopping seem __62__ and exciting to act against the low economyOne common tactic is to set up “pop—up” storeswhich appear for a short time before disappearing againto develop a sense of novelty and __63__.

Stores are also trying to attract customer by offering services that are not _64_ online. Best Buy a consumer-electronics retailer has started selling music lessons along with its musical instruments. Lululemon athletica which sells sports clothes offers free yoga classes: The idea is to bring people back to its shops _65_ increasing the likelihood that they will develop the habit of shopping there.

51. A. positive      B. productive    C. aggressive        D. competitive

52. A. moreover     B. otherwise     C. meanwhile       D. however

53. A. abandoning   B. applying      C. foreseeing        D. predicting

54. A. opinion       B. intention      C. interest         D. appeal

55. A. soars         Bshrinks      C. contracts         D. squeeze

56. A. shift          B. demand      C. impact           D. pattern

57. A. concern       B. care         C. influence         D. contrast

58. A. carry         B. cease        C. bear            D. record

59. A. additional.     B. mysterious    C. relevant         D. conventional

60. A.on their own    B. on the whole  C. on the contrary    D. on the other hand   .

61. A. encourage     B. represent      C. stimulate        D. allow

62. A. solution       B. irony             D. vision 

63.A. emergency     B. urgency       C. humor           D. promotion

64. A. available      B. expected       C. apparent         D. incredible

65. A. extremely     B. regularly       C. especially        D. properly

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