ikes are very popular in China阅读

Bikes are very popular in China. In the country, you can see bikes almost everywhere. When you walk on the road, you can find a lot of people riding bikes to schools, shops and any other place. So many people call China “the kingdom(王国) of bikes”. In China, many families have one or two bikes.

Compared with cars, bikes have many advantages(优点). First, bikes don’t need much money. Some Chinese can’t buy cars, but they buy bikes. They can also use shared bikes(共享单车)with only one yuan every hour. An app on the phone helps them to do that. Second, bikes are small to park anywhere, but cars need a bigger place. What’s more, they can’t ride bikes too fast, so it’s usually not dangerous to ride.

However, bikes also bring some problems(问题). Some riders don’t follow the traffic rules and some don’t think about others’ safety, so they ride too fast. During rush hours(高峰期), there may be traffic jams because there are too many bikes on the road. We still have much to do to solve the problem, like making strict rules for the riders.

1“The kingdom of bikes” is saying ________.

A.China has so many bikes B.China makes bikes

C.Chinese bikes are the best D.only China has bikes

2Which of the following is NOT the advantage of bikes?

A.Bikes often don’t need much money. B.Bikes are easy to park.

C.Bikes are very fast. D.Bikes are safe(安全)

3What does the underlined word “solve” mean(意思是)?

A.面对 B.逃避 C.讨论 D.解决

4Where can you find this passage?

A.A story book B.A newspaper

C.A dictionary D.A science book

5Which is the best title(标题) of the passage?

A.The advantages of bikes B.The problem of bikes

C.Riding bikes every day D.China, the kingdom of bikes

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1细节理解题。根据第一段“Bikes are very popular in China. In the country, you can see bikes almost everywhere”可知中国有许多的自行车,故选A

2推理判断题。根据第二段“First, , bikes don’t need much money….Second, bikes are small to park anywhere…What’s more, they can’t ride bikes too fast”可知C表述错误,骑自行车速度不快,故选C

3词义猜测题。由上文可知骑车的人不遵守交规,根据第三段“like making strict rules for the riders.”可知是建议采取更严格的规则,由此推断上文指做很多的事情来解决问题,比如更严格的规则;故选D

4推理判断题。A story book故事书;A newspaper报纸;A dictionary字典;A science book科技书;短文着重讲述骑自行车的优势以及骑自行车的问题,是属于日常的社会问题,由此推断此文来自报纸;故选B