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Billy always loved blueberries. They were his favourite fruit. Today he was going to make juice with his uncle. His uncle likes to make juice out of everything. He made carrot juice, apple juice, vegetable juice, and more juices. But he had never made blueberry juice before!

First, Billy and his uncle went to a blueberry farm. They were each given a basket. They picked for an hour and got several pounds. It was hard work picking the little berries from the trees. Now Billy understood(明白)why they were expensive in the shops.

Next, they had to wash the fruit. Some of them still had leaves. Those had to be pulled off. Then the bad berries had to be thrown away. They washed the berries and made them air-dry.

After that, they pushed the blueberries through a strainer(过滤网).The strainer caught most of the seeds and skins, and only left a small glass of dark purple juice to them.

When they tasted the juice, it wasn't very sweet. Billy's uncle didn't want to add white sugar to the juice. It was better to use a naturally sweet juice, like apple juice, pear juice, or grape juice. They used grape juice as a sweetener(甜味剂), because grapes had a similar colour to the blueberries.

Finally, they could drink it. It was a lot of work to make juice, but it sure was refreshing!

1Billy's uncle hadn't made________juice before.

A.carrot B.blueberry D.vegetable

2Billy thought blueberries were expensive because________.

A.they were delicious B.they had to be sent()to the store was hard to pick them from the trees D.there weren't many blueberry trees on the farm

3The underlined word "them" in Paragraph 4 refers to________.

A.blueberries C.seeds and skins D.Billy and his uncle

4The passage is mainly about         .

A.why Billy liked blueberry juice

B.where Billy got the best blueberries Billy made blueberry juice with his uncle

D.what Billy did on the blueberry farm with his uncle

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1细节理解题.根据文章第一段“He had never made blueberry juice before though!”可知,Billy的叔叔在以前从来没有做过蓝莓汁。故答案为B

2细节理解题.根据文章第二段“It was hard work picking the little berries from the treesNow Billy understood why they were expensive in the shops 从树上摘小浆果很辛苦。现在比利明白了为什么商店里的浆果很贵了。可知Billy认为蓝莓贵的原因是很难从树上摘下来。故答案为C

3词义猜测题。根据文章第四段“The strainer caught most of the seeds and skinsand only left a small glass of dark purple juice tothem.”可知句意:过滤网滤去了大多数种子和皮,留给他们的是一小杯深紫色的果汁。可以推测出此处指的是Billy和叔叔。故答案为D